I. Adabas D Functions

The Adabas D functions are deprecated, you probably want to use the Unified ODBC functions instead.

Table of Contents
ada_afetch — fetch a result row into an array
ada_autocommit — toggle autocommit behaviour
ada_close — close a connection to an Adabas D server
ada_commit — commit a transaction
ada_connect — connect to an Adabas D datasource
ada_exec — prepare and execute a SQL statement
ada_fetchrow — fetch a row from a result
ada_fieldname — get the columnname
ada_fieldnum — get column number
ada_fieldtype — get the datatype of a field
ada_freeresult — >free resources associated with a result
ada_numfields — get the number of columns in a result
ada_numrows — number of rows in a result
ada_result — get data from results
ada_resultall — print result as HTML table
ada_rollback — rollback a transaction