XXXVII. Oracle 8 functions

These functions allow you to access Oracle8 and Oracle7 databases. It uses the Oracle8 Call-Interface (OCI8). You will need the Oracle8 client libraries to use this driver.

This driver is more flexible that the normal PHP3 Ora_ driver. It supports binding of global and local PHP3 variables to Oracle placeholders, has full LOB, FILE and ROWID support and allows you to use user-supplied define variables.

Table of Contents
OCIDefineByName — Use a PHP variable for the define-step during a SELECT
OCIBindByName — Bind a PHP variable to an Oracle Placeholder
OCILogon — Establishes a connection to Oracle
OCILogOff — Disconnects from Oracle
OCIExecute — Execute a statement
OCICommit — Commits outstanding transactions
OCIRollback — Rolls back outstanding transactions
OCINumRows — Gets the number of affectend rows
OCIResult — Returns coulumn value for fetched row
OCIFetch — Fetches the next row into result-buffer
OCIFetchInto — Fetches the next row into result-array
OCIColumnIsNULL — test whether a result column is NULL
OCIColumnSize — return result column size