XXXVIII. Oracle functions

Table of Contents
Ora_Bind — bind a PHP variable to an Oracle parameter
Ora_Close — close an Oracle cursor
Ora_ColumnName — get name of Oracle result column
Ora_ColumnType — get type of Oracle result column
Ora_Commit — commit an Oracle transaction
Ora_CommitOff — disable automatic commit
Ora_CommitOn — enable automatic commit
Ora_Error — get Oracle error message
Ora_ErrorCode — get Oracle error code
Ora_Exec — execute parsed statement on an Oracle cursor
Ora_Fetch — fetch a row of data from a cursor
Ora_GetColumn — get data from a fetched row
Ora_Logoff — close an Oracle connection
Ora_Logon — open an Oracle connection
Ora_Open — open an Oracle cursor
Ora_Parse — parse an SQL statement
Ora_Rollback — roll back transaction