(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6)

dbx_sort --  Sort a result from a dbx_query by a custom sort function


bool dbx_sort ( object result, string user_compare_function)

Returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure.

Note: It is always better to use ORDER BY SQL clause instead of dbx_sort(), if possible.

Example 1. dbx_sort() example

function user_re_order ($a, $b) {
    $rv = dbx_compare ($a, $b, "parentid", DBX_CMP_DESC);
    if ( !$rv ) {
        $rv = dbx_compare ($a, $b, "id", DBX_CMP_NUMBER);
    return $rv;

$link   = dbx_connect (DBX_ODBC, "", "db", "username", "password")
    or die ("Could not connect");

$result = dbx_query ($link, "SELECT id, parentid, description FROM tbl ORDER BY id");
    // data in $result is now ordered by id

dbx_sort ($result, "user_re_order");
    // data in $result is now ordered by parentid (descending), then by id

dbx_close ($link);

See also dbx_compare().