(PHP 3, PHP 4 >= 4.0.0)

fgets -- Gets line from file pointer


string fgets ( int fp [, int length])

Returns a string of up to length - 1 bytes read from the file pointed to by fp. Reading ends when length - 1 bytes have been read, on a newline (which is included in the return value), or on EOF (whichever comes first). If no length is specified, the length defaults to 1k, or 1024 bytes.

If an error occurs, returns FALSE.

Common Pitfalls:

People used to the 'C' semantics of fgets() should note the difference in how EOF is returned.

The file pointer must be valid, and must point to a file successfully opened by fopen(), popen(), or fsockopen().

A simple example follows:

Example 1. Reading a file line by line

$fd = fopen ("/tmp/inputfile.txt", "r");
while (!feof ($fd)) {
    $buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
    echo $buffer;
fclose ($fd);

Note: The length parameter became optional in PHP 4.2.0

See also fread(), fopen(), popen(), fgetc(), fsockopen(), and socket_set_timeout().