(PHP 3>= 3.0.8, PHP 4 )

set_file_buffer -- Sets file buffering on the given file pointer


int set_file_buffer ( int fp, int buffer)

Output using fwrite() is normally buffered at 8K. This means that if there are two processes wanting to write to the same output stream (a file), each is paused after 8K of data to allow the other to write. set_file_buffer() sets the buffering for write operations on the given filepointer fp to buffer bytes. If buffer is 0 then write operations are unbuffered. This ensures that all writes with fwrite() are completed before other processes are allowed to write to that output stream.

The function returns 0 on success, or EOF if the request cannot be honored.

The following example demonstrates how to use set_file_buffer() to create an unbuffered stream.

Example 1. set_file_buffer() example

$fp=fopen($file, "w");
  set_file_buffer($fp, 0);
  fputs($fp, $output);

See also fopen(), fwrite().