XLVII. IRC Gateway Functions

What is ircg?

With ircg you can build powerful, fast and scalable webchat solutions in conjunction with dedicated or public IRC servers.


IRCG runs under

  • AIX

  • FreeBSD

  • HP-UX

  • Irix

  • Linux

  • Solaris

  • Tru64


To install and use IRCG you need the following software:

  1. IRCG-Library from Sascha Schumann.

  2. SGI Static Threads Library

  3. thttpd webserver


A detailed installation instruction can be found here.

Table of Contents
ircg_channel_mode --  Set channel mode flags for user
ircg_disconnect --  Close connection to server
ircg_fetch_error_msg --  Returns the error from previous ircg operation
ircg_get_username --  Get username for connection
ircg_html_encode --  Encodes HTML preserving output
ircg_ignore_add --  Add a user to your ignore list on a server
ircg_ignore_del --  Remove a user from your ignore list on a server
ircg_is_conn_alive --  Check connection status
ircg_join --  Join a channel on a connected server
ircg_kick --  Kick a user out of a channel on server
ircg_lookup_format_messages --  Select a set of format strings for display of IRC messages
ircg_msg --  Send message to channel or user on server
ircg_nick --  Change nickname on server
ircg_nickname_escape --  Encode special characters in nickname to be IRC-compliant
ircg_nickname_unescape --  Decodes encoded nickname
ircg_notice --  Send a notice to a user on server
ircg_part --  Leave a channel on server
ircg_pconnect --  Connect to an IRC server
ircg_register_format_messages --  Register a set of format strings for display of IRC messages
ircg_set_current --  Set current connection for output
ircg_set_file --  Set logfile for connection
ircg_set_on_die --  Set hostaction to be execute when connection dies
ircg_topic --  Set topic for channel on server
ircg_whois --  Query user information for nick on server