LXIV. muscat functions

Table of Contents
muscat_close -- Shuts down the muscat session and releases any memory back to php. [Not back to the system, note!]
muscat_get -- Gets a line back from the core muscat api. Returns a literal FALSE when there is no more to get (as opposed to ""). Use === FALSE or !== FALSE to check for this
muscat_give -- Sends string to the core muscat api
muscat_setup -- Creates a new muscat session and returns the handle. Size is the ammount of memory in bytes to allocate for muscat muscat_dir is the muscat installation dir e.g. "/usr/local/empower", it defaults to the compile time muscat directory
muscat_setup_net -- Creates a new muscat session and returns the handle. muscat_host is the hostname to connect to port is the port number to connect to - actually takes exactly the same args as fsockopen