CIV. XMLRPC functions


This extension is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this extension, including the names of its functions, and anything else documented about this extension may change in a future release of PHP without notice. Be warned and use this extension at your own risk.

Table of Contents
xmlrpc_decode -- Decodes XML into native PHP types
xmlrpc_decode_request -- Decodes XML into native PHP types
xmlrpc_encode -- Generates XML for a PHP value
xmlrpc_encode_request -- Generates XML for a method request
xmlrpc_get_type -- Gets xmlrpc type for a PHP value. Especially useful for base64 and datetime strings
xmlrpc_parse_method_descriptions -- Decodes XML into a list of method descriptions
xmlrpc_server_add_introspection_data -- Adds introspection documentation
xmlrpc_server_call_method -- Parses XML requests and call methods
xmlrpc_server_create -- Creates an xmlrpc server
xmlrpc_server_destroy -- Destroys server resources
xmlrpc_server_register_introspection_callback -- Register a PHP function to generate documentation
xmlrpc_server_register_method -- Register a PHP function to resource method matching method_name
xmlrpc_set_type -- Sets xmlrpc type, base64 or datetime, for a PHP string value