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Version 1.20
January 10, 1998
Graham Hamilton and Rick Cattell

This is the specification for the JDBC(TM) API, which is a Java(TM) application programming interface to SQL databases.

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Because of the volume of interest in JDBC, we will not be able to respond individually to comments or questions. However, we greatly appreciate your feedback, and we will read and carefully consider all mail that we receive.

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1 Introduction
2 Goals and philosophy
3 Overview of the major interfaces
4 Scenarios for use
5 Security considerations
6 Database connections
7 Passing parameters and receiving results
8 Mapping SQL data types into Java
9 Asynchrony, Threading, and Transactions
10 Cursors
11 SQL Extensions
12 Variants and Extensions
13 JDBC Interface Definitions
14 Dynamic Database Access
Appendix A: Rejected design choices
Appendix B: Example JDBC Programs
Appendix C: Implementation notes
Appendix D: Change History

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