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The applets available below demonstrate features in versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Java platform. Swing set demos are available in the demo/jfc directory of the JDKTM software installation. Each Swing demo has an associated README.txt file that you should read for instructions on running the demo.

Browser Requirements

In general, applets can run in AppletViewer or in JavaTM-compatible browers as noted below. Of course, applets that depend on any new APIs will not work on any browsers that support only earlier version APIs, so there are version restrictions. The AppletViewer is provided with the JDK software release.

Demo Applets

The applets in this section are part of the software download bundle and are located in the demo/applets directory of the JDK software installation.

JFC Applications and Applets

These applications and applets demonstrate Swing and Java2D.

IMPORTANT - These links are meant to be used only locally on your own installation of the JDK, after you have downloaded the JDK software and documentation. Because these contain many applications, the following demos exist only in the JDK software download bundle, not on the Java Software website. If you are accessing this page from, the following links will not go to these demos.

Additional Applications and Applets

Additional applets and applications may be found at:

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