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Trail: Drag and Drop

One day we'll have a trail here. For now, here are some links to resources and examples:
How to drag and drop with Java 2 (article in JavaWorld - March 1999)
Has step-by-step directions on adding drag-and-drop support to a component (a subclass of JLabel). Has a list of resources, including links to the downloadable example, javadoc, 1.2 drag-and-drop bugs, ...

How to drag and drop with Java 2, part 2 (article in JavaWorld - October 1999)
The second article in this drag-and-drop series explores how you can transfer data besides text. It also discusses the issues involved with developing a library of D&D-enabled project Swing components.

JavaBeans home page
Indirectly links to the Drag and Drop specification; might have other information related to Drag and Drop.

John Zukowski's example
From John: "Key points:
  • Drag from JTree, drop into JList.
  • Demonstrates using a custom data flavor for dragging the user data of the node
  • Can drop a file list into the JList."

Older example by John Zukowski
Here's John's description: "A D&D example I did back in July for beta 4. Probably needs a few updates for final (now that support is there for external Java dragging....) but a good start..."
Note: This example uses AWT components, not Swing components.
A rough example showing plain-text drag-and-drop with a JTextArea. Prints diagnostics.

A Drag and Drop Example by Sheetal Gupta
This example contains two lists. You can drag an item from either list and drop it onto the other list. Demonstrates that a single component can be both a Drag Source and a Drop Target. Prints diagnostics.
If you can recommend any other examples or resources, please send us mail with the subject drag and drop.

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