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The `clients' file

The `/usr/local/etc/fingerdir/clients' file contains a list of clients that the GNU Finger server fingerd is supposed to poll. You can edit this file and then send the finger server a SIGHUP to tell it that the configuration has changed. Each line in the file should be either the name of a host or a comment. The name can be preceded by @port, to tell the finger server to poll the particular host by using a port other than 2003. A comment is any line that starts with a hash sign (#). Below is a sample `clients' file:

# This file contains all GNU Finger clients on the gnu.ai.mit.edu
# network. Apple-gunkies is the GNU Finger server (see ``serverhost'').

# Albert is the mail exchanger (see ``mailhost'').

# Spiff is a Sony, so port 2003 is already used for `mbanks'.
# Use port 2010 instead.
@2010 spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu


Although this sample `clients' file contains the fully qualified domain names of the hosts, it's usually enough to specify only the host name portion. Explicit IP addresses can be used too, but this is a practise strongly discouraged. Notice that the server is also in the clients file and has a in.cfingerd; this is necessary in order for the server to correctly poll itself.

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