About Qt

Qt is a cross-platform C++ GUI application framework. It provides application developers with all the functionality needed to build state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces. Qt is fully object-oriented, easily extensible, and allows true component programming.

Since its commercial introduction in early 1996, Qt has formed the basis of many thousands of successful applications worldwide. Qt is also the basis of the popular KDE Linux desktop environment, a standard component of all major Linux distributions.

Qt is supported on the following platforms:

Qt is a product of Trolltech.

Qt is released in different editions:

Qt Enterprise Edition and Qt Professional Edition provide for commercial software development. They permits traditional commercial software distribution and includes free upgrades and Technical Support Service. For the latest prices, please see the Trolltech web site, Pricing and Availability page, or contact sales@trolltech.com. The Enterprise Edition offers extended modules over the Professional Edition.

Qt Free Edition is the Unix/X11 version of Qt available for development of Free and Open Source software only. It is provided free of charge under the terms of both the Q Public License and the GNU General Public License. The latest version is available for download.

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