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Welcome to the Toshiba Linux Utilities pages. The purpose of these pages is to act as reference point for my small series of programs to control the more Toshiba specific aspects of their laptops. In particular they allow many of the settings controlled by either Toshiba's MaxTime or Power Saver utilities to be changed under Linux. The code is licensed under the GNU Public licence (GPL).

These utilities are designed for Linux, in there current state they will not compile or run on other Unix or Unix like operating systems, however I would happly accept patches that change this situation.

However do not bother to contact me with questions about anything relating to using Toshiba laptops or this software on a Microsoft operating system. For such support please contact your nearest Toshiba Authorized Dealer

Other Laptops

The Toshiba Linux utilities are specific to Toshiba laptops, and will not run on laptops from other manufactures. If you are a laptop manufacture and would like utilites such as these for your laptops under Linux then I will be happy to write them. However you will need to provide the hardware, full technical documentation and compensate me for my time. If you are still interested I can be contacted at the address given below and will be happy to discuss it further.

Contact Details

I can be reached via email at However it is generally pointless to ask me questions about setting Linux up on a particular laptop model. The chances are that I don't have access to the model in question and/or I will most likely be unfamiliar with the distribution you are using.

For the record I currently own a Tecra 780DVD and a Libretto 50CT and I use the GNU/Debian Linux distribution. I currently have on loan from Toshiba Europe a T4900, Satellite 310CDT and Tecra 750CDT. I no longer own a Satellite Pro 400CS


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