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Howes DC2000 InstructionsG4KQH, Dave HowesDC2000 user manualDC2000 user manual
Howes LM2000 InstructionsG4KQH, Dave HowesLM2000 user manual
Howes TX2000 InstructionsG4KQH, Dave HowesTX2000 user manual
Howes LF20 InstructionsG4KQH, Dave HowesLF20 user manual
Howes HA23R Hardware Pack InstructionsG4KQH, Dave HowesHA23R user manual
PSK31: A new Radio-Teletype ModeRadComJanuary 199927
The DSP-10: An All-Mode 2-Meter Tranceiver Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front PanelW7PUA, Bob LarkinQSTOctober 199934
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PSK31: A new Radio-Teletype Mode OG Soft Starting of High Power PSUG3PLX, Peter MartinezRadComDecember 199814
Cushcraft R8 Manual
Hy-Gain 244 Hy-Gain Quad manual