(PHP 4 )

fscanf -- Parses input from a file according to a format


mixed fscanf ( int handle, string format [, string var1])

The function fscanf() is similar to sscanf(), but it takes its input from a file associated with handle and interprets the input according to the specified format. If only two parameters were passed to this function, the values parsed will be returned as an array. Otherwise, if optional parameters are passed, the function will return the number of assigned values. The optional parameters must be passed by reference.

Example 1. fscanf() Example

$fp = fopen ("users.txt","r");
while ($userinfo = fscanf ($fp, "%s\t%s\t%s\n")) {
    list ($name, $profession, $countrycode) = $userinfo;
    //... do something with the values

Example 2. users.txt

javier  argonaut        pe
hiroshi sculptor        jp
robert  slacker us
luigi   florist it

See also fread(), fgets(), fgetss(), sscanf(), printf(), and sprintf().