IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port
Reading & Writing Data

MS-DOS, MS-Windows3.1 and MS-Windows95 console applications
but not MS-Windows95/NT

Different interpreters/compilers provide access to the I/O Ports in different ways.

or you can use Debug

For full details, refer to the relevant manuals.

 Other Sources of Information

I have no personal experience of I/O port access in Windows 95/NT or linux (so please don't ask). MS-DOS is sufficient for (prototyping) the kinds of control systems I am interested in.

However, I recommend our students use the DriverLINX Port I/O Driver for Win95 and WinNT, provided without charge by Scientific Software Tools, Inc. Here's the README file and a local copy (1.5MB) of the package.

Some links that might be useful

and for linux enthusiasts -
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